Recipe: Bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean curd


Everyone may have noticed that there are very few green leafy vegetables in our blog, because I always feel that the green leafy vegetables are nothing new, nothing more than frying with oil, and then we really don’t like green leafy vegetables, except when eating hot pot. Rarely eat and fry to eat. Now I realize that this is very bad. If you don't picky eaters, you can absorb nutrients more evenly. It is a pity that the rich green leafy vegetables on the market don't eat. Seeing the method of fermented bean curd in the recipe book, I feel quite novel and try to do it once.



  1. Wash the spinach, remove the leaves and leave only the stalks, cut into small pieces, add a small amount of water to the white fermented bean, crush the bean curd into the bean curd

  2. Heat the wok and put it in a hot pot. Stir in the hollow stalk and add in the bean curd.


The hollow leaves can be made into soup, the color is green and the taste is not bad.

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