Recipe: Bean cod oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cod oil


I bought a can of squid on the weekend, and I feel that the canned food is not as good as it was when I was a child. Maybe it is grown up and the taste has changed. It’s a pity to throw away the big box and throw it away. Let’s make a bean squid oil. In fact, I still think that it’s best to eat the sesame sauce, huh, huh. There is no difficulty in cooking green vegetables. It is the essence of fried vegetables. If you pay attention to the key steps, you can also produce a beautiful dish.



  1. Pour a little oil into the pot (less than half the oil of the green vegetables), stir-fry the cardamom

  2. Pour the diced green onion

  3. Squid stir fry until the surface is slightly dry

  4. Put the oily wheat stir fry a few times (big fire), add a little bit of salt to the salt, stir the salt and stir it, then put it on the fire and stir fry a few times.


1. Before the green vegetables are fried, there must be a step of controlling the water: after the vegetables are washed and cut to the required size, they are naturally placed on the plate for 3-5 minutes, and the water controlled in the plate is poured off before the frying. 2, stir-fried vegetables must be fired. 3, the final salt is very important, immediately after the salt is mixed with the fire and stir fry, and then stir it a few times on the fire is OK.

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