Recipe: Bean cod oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cod oil


Bean cod oil is a very special dish, which combines the delicious taste of canned squid with the sweet oily wheat dish.



  1. Wash the oil and wheat vegetables and cut into 4-5cm segments ~ garlic slices~

  2. The canned mackerel can be opened and the fish and cardamom are opened. Put the cardamom and oil in a small bowl. Fish, gently pry open the two pieces to remove the big bone in the middle, and then tear the fish into small pieces. Alternate~

  3. Heat up the wok and pour the oil into the canned squid. Add the garlic flakes and add 1 scoop of the cardamom in the canned salmon. Stir-fry and add the oily wheat to stir fry. Stir fry a few times until you are evenly heated. Add 1 tsp of Huadiao + squid and continue to stir until the dish is cooked. After trying the taste, choose whether to add salt.


The saltiness of the canned mackerel may vary from label to plate, so it is not easy to eat the canned food in the amount of salt.

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