Recipe: Bean cake (dumpling skin)

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cake (dumpling skin)


There are ten pieces of dumpling skin left in the house. Just in the refrigerator, there is bean paste stuffing. Inspiration is made, just make a dumpling skinned bean cake. It tastes good, my husband said that it is the same as the one bought outside.



  1. Spread the dumpling skin.

  2. Add the bean paste in the middle of the dumpling skin.

  3. Dip the edge of the dumpling with water.

  4. Cover with another piece of dumplings, the edges of the two dumplings are glued together, and the fork is pressed down on the edge of the bean cake.

  5. Heat the pan, put the appropriate oil, fry the bean cake, and fry on both sides. Fry and a little coke can be picked up with chopsticks.

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