Recipe: Bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cake


Soymilk + bean cake is a nutritious breakfast. Soymilk is a good thing, rich in plant protein and trace elements, but in addition to a lot of water, the soymilk outside is also added with flavoring agents such as sweeteners. It is not good to drink too much, soymilk made from home. ,Health and Nutrition, Pay attention to the following problems when cooking soy milk: 1, to fully boil, when the soy milk is cooked to 80 ° C, there will be a phenomenon of false boiling, this time you need to continue to cook for 3 to 5 minutes, the harmful substances in the soy milk can be destroyed, or there will be stomach Comfortable, or diarrhea. 2, soy milk is absolutely impossible to add brown sugar, because the organic acid and protein in brown sugar combined, will produce denatured sediment, not only make the soy milk lose nutritional value, but also drink is not beneficial to the body. If we only drink soy milk, we only get 9% of the nutrition, and the remaining 91% are in the bean dregs, so the bean dregs is the real baby! Referring to a few recipes, I made a bean dregs egg cake according to my own.



  1. Soybean residue first cooked

  2. Add low-gluten flour (1:1 ratio with bean dregs), egg, salt, sugar, chopped green onion

  3. Stir well, fry in the pan, fry until golden on both sides, a little bit of coke

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