Recipe: Bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cake


Every time I make soy milk, the ground bean dregs are thrown away directly. It feels very wasteful. This time, the bean dregs are fully utilized. The taste and taste are very good, and the nutrients contained in the bean dregs are good for health. It can be supplemented with calcium first, followed by rich cellulose, which inhibits the absorption of protein, fat and carbohydrates in the intestine; it is also beneficial for the acid-base balance of the diet. Bean dregs contain little calories, fluffy texture, can form a large volume in the digestive tract to produce satiety, is a good companion for weight loss. It also has a good therapeutic effect on constipation.



  1. Soymilk grinds the bean dregs with salt, add an egg, add the right amount of flour

  2. Put the oil in the non-stick pan, put the bean dregs into the pot and fry on both sides.

  3. Served with a bowl of soy milk. Nutritional breakfast

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