Recipe: Bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean cake


It is very wasteful to dump the bean dregs after playing soy milk. Studies have shown that some of the nutrients in soybeans remain in the bean dregs. Generally, the bean curd residue contains 85% moisture, 3.0% protein, 0.5% fat, 8.0% carbohydrate (cellulose, polysaccharide, etc.). In addition, it contains calcium. Minerals such as phosphorus and iron. So the nutrition of bean dregs is also very rich, don't drop it easily!



  1. Enlarge the bean dregs into the bowl, add the flour, add a little more amount, put a little salt, put a small amount of water, and adjust to a thick paste.

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, apply the cooking oil around the mold, put it into the pot, put a spoonful of paste into the mold, first fry the side and then peel off the mold, then turn over and fry the other side.


1. The water must be a small amount. If it is put too much, it will not be thickened into a paste. This will not form well and the taste will be worse. 2, buy a round or heart-shaped stainless steel mold, the cake will be very good to see. Of course, it doesn't matter, because it is better to form into a paste, and use the spoon to pry off the excess paste around it and flatten it. It is also a round cake.

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