Recipe: Bean broth

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean broth


This meat chop is suitable for bibimbap or noodles to eat, no oil, no salt, no sugar, delicious nutritious and healthy, sweet and sour bean, warm, with warm spleen and stomach, Qi, kidney, supplement vitality. Apply to qi stagnation, snoring, chest discomfort, low back pain and other symptoms. The tender bean is used for cooking or making pickles, which not only has a delicious taste, but also has a warming effect; the old bean has the best treatment effect on snoring.



  1. Wash the pork slices (about 1CM thickness) with a knife back and then cut into diced meat.

  2. Onion chopped, garlic chopped.

  3. Wash the peas and remove the diced diced diced on both ends.

  4. Heat the wok, add the diced meat, stir fry, add the onion, garlic and saute; put the wine, a little vinegar, stir-fry the old, add water, not diced, turn to a small fire and cover for about 30 minutes Put in the diced bean and the appropriate amount of salt and simmer for 15 minutes.

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