Recipe: Bean bag soba

Home Cooking Recipe: Bean bag soba



  1. . Thaw mushroom thawed, sliced ​​for use

  2. . Dried Cordyceps flowers in clean water, soak for 20 minutes, then clean and stand by

  3. . Yam cleaned, cut into pieces for use

  4. . Add the potted pine, yam, and cordyceps to the soup, seasoning salt, mushroom essence, and wrap the plastic wrap for 1 hour.

  5. . The bean bag is placed in hot water, hot, remove excess oil, and drained.

  6. . Mix the plain soup, mushroom essence, sugar, soy sauce, put in the bean bag, cook for a while, turn off the flame, remove the drained soup.

  7. . Cut the bean bag from the head for use

  8. . Vacuum packed soba noodles, open and put in a hot water pot, boil, drain and drain, put in a bowl, season: salt, sushi vinegar, green mustard, mushroom essence, mix well

  9. . The chilled salmon is not thawed; the parsley is washed and chopped; then the two are well mixed and then slightly seasoned for use.

  10. . The basil leaves are washed and drained for use.

  11. . Put the soba noodles in step (8), then fill the bean bag in step (7), put a piece of perilla leaf, put the appropriate amount of vegetarian salmon in step (9) on the soba noodles, put on the vegetarian salmon Little seaweed

  12. . Remove the Matsutake Broth in step (4), open the plastic wrap, and pour into a bowl. Put in the pine mushroom, Cordyceps flower

  13. . Finally, with a dish of Korean kimchi, a full set. Take a bean bag of buckwheat (そば) noodles, sip a bite, drink a bite of Matsutake soup and taste it into the soul~

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