Recipe: BBQ Leek (Family Easy Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: BBQ Leek (Family Easy Edition)


Every time I go to eat a barbecue, I will order it! ! ! Amaranth is a good appetizer. As a side dish, it is a very good choice. However, the practice of the barbecue restaurant is generally roasted, the operation inside the home is a bit troublesome, and the barbecue shop is not sanitary. This version was made by my dad last time for me to eat. I think it is exactly the same as the barbecue shop! And the operation is simple!



  1. Wash the leek, add oil to the pot, heat it, pour in the leeks, stir fry!

  2. Add some salt before frying. Of course, you want to add soy sauce. . .

  3. Stir in the chili noodles, cumin and sesame.

  4. Began to eat.


If the leek is not easily mixed after cooking, you should not use a spatula. . . Use chopsticks. . . In fact, only salt, it is delicious! However, the pursuit of barbecue flavor is still a little bit of cumin and chili noodles!

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