Recipe: [BB's Sorbet Square] 100% Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Home Cooking Recipe: [BB's Sorbet Square] 100% Dark Chocolate Sorbet


This is a slightly bitter sorbet. The chocolate cherries are very good, delicate and smooth. However, because of the high concentration of black, it will be slightly sloppy. There is a little bit of heavy taste. I will give it next week. The recipe for a classic chocolate sorbet is almost always suitable for all ages~~ Come here first! ! Because I personally quite love and deliberately make a shape of Xiang. Haha increases the sense of sight~



  1. Cream + milk mix, medium heat, occasionally stirred. Wait for a slight boiling and turn off the fire.

  2. Egg yolk, sugar, cocoa powder, salt in a bowl and whipped to double the volume. (about 2 minutes)

  3. Mix the liquid in steps 1, 2 and stir until smooth. Heat in a saucepan over medium heat. Never boil to prevent the egg yolk from cooking. The mixture becomes viscous and can cover the back of the spoon to extinguish.

  4. The mixed liquid is filtered through a fine mesh, and the cocoa mass is added and stirred until the cocoa mass is completely melted.

  5. Into the mold. 1 hour later into the ice cream stick.

  6. Demoulding after 4-6 hours.


The taste is very good~ there is no ice residue. Do not believe you try. It is sweet after eating, and it is super delicious. To freeze it, eat it again~ Otherwise it will be more greasy.

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