Recipe: Bazhen Tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Bazhen Tofu



  1. Fresh squid's squid plate hang on both sides to remove the ribs. Knife hits the squid inside. Forty-five degree oblique knives. In the opposite direction, forty-five degrees of oblique knives. One blade and one knife are not sliced. Magnolia slices. Shrimp and a little starch.

  2. Clear water pot squid slices, pan-white pot, magnolia tablets, water, water, water, water, rice, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed scallops, sautéed sea cucumber, shrimp, crab meat, sliced ​​meat

  3. Steamed tofu, tofu, diced, wrapped starch, 80% oil temperature, tofu, pot, do not move before the oil pan is shaped. The color is golden yellow.

  4. The sweet bean red pepper is sliced ​​into the pot and the oil is poured into the pot. After the meat is smashed, the shrimp and crab meat sticks are fried together. Then the oil is placed in the pot. The onion, ginger, garlic, musk, oyster sauce, oil, soy sauce, soy sauce, water, sugar and salt are the raw materials. Add water to put the sea cucumber whole shell mushrooms and magnolia slices into the pot to reach the eight mature put the squid and shrimp meat slices, add water, add starch, add the sweet bean red pepper, put the sesame oil and taste it on the tofu.

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