Recipe: Bazhen beef (halved beef)

Home Cooking Recipe: Bazhen beef (halved beef)


Avian flu is in the way, and there are two brothers floating around the Huangpu River. Helpless. I can only eat some beef. This beef is very good to do, just put some spices in it. Marinated beef with dried tofu and eggs is also super delicious.



  1. Wash the sirloin. Boil the boiled water and put the sirloin into the bleeding water. Remove the sirloin and wash the blood.

  2. Wrap all the spices in a small gauze. Put the sirloin in the pressure cooker and pour the clean water without meat. Then, the spice pack was placed, pressed for 20 minutes, and then taken out after being dispersed.

  3. Naturally let cool, you can put it in the refrigerator. Let the meat continue to be dipped in the marinade. Take it out the next day and eat it.

  4. Cooked eggs, boiled tofu can be refrigerated overnight in marinated gravy. The next day is the cut water.


It doesn't matter if there are not so many spices. Star anise and cinnamon must be placed.

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