Recipe: Bayberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry wine


The following functions and functions are downloaded for the network. It is for your reference only. Don't drink too much. Comrades driving also need to pay attention, don't drink alcohol. Some special people who are not suitable for drinking should also be careful not to drink. The effect of Yangmei Liquor: Yangmei soaked in white wine, during the summer season, the food will feel refreshing and refreshing. When diarrhea is taken, the Yangmei simmering soup can be stopped to drink and has astringent effect.



  1. Choose juice multi-nuclear small, fresh and mature bayberry (generally the best species), remove the fruit stem

  2. Choose one of the containers, use glass bottles or jars, plastic bottles (edible), wash and spare

  3. Choose a good white wine 35°-52°, according to each person's needs

  4. Put the bayberry into the container and slowly inject the liquor to cover the bayberry.

  5. Cover with a cover, it is best to add a film between the cover and the bottle to seal

  6. You can also add sugar, glutinous rice and gastrodia in the wine, and choose according to your needs.

  7. Store in a cool place

  8. It can be used after 30 days of storage. After long-term storage, the plum wine contains high alcohol content, and the essence is absorbed by it.


Bayberry wine - (preventing heat stroke) Heatstroke is a hot summer season, feeling the heat and evil, resulting in gas consumption, manifested as fever, polydipsia, sweating, chest tightness, upset, headache, dizziness, weight, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms of a disease. Clinically, it is divided into heatstroke syndrome, heatstroke syndrome, summer prisoner's heart camp, liver wind movement and other evidences. It is commonly used in the treatment of heat, qi, nourishing yin, dehumidification and reclamation. The medicinal liquor for the treatment of this disease is mainly for preventing heatstroke and relieving mild heat, and is not suitable for syndromes such as summer camp and liver wind.

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