Recipe: Bayberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry wine


Yangmei is made into bayberry wine, which can eliminate fatigue, disperse heat and make vomiting. Occasionally drink a small cup, in addition to this simple refreshing, you can also receive the effect of preventing colds and strengthening your body's resistance.



  1. Preparation of raw materials: bayberry 1000g, high wine 2500g, rock sugar 500g

  2. Yangmei add a small amount of salt to soak for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry, add rock sugar and wine

  3. The bottle of whisky is not enough, and a large bottle of sake is added, then the lid is sealed and placed in a cool place.

  4. For almost 30 days, the color of the bayberry naturally penetrated into the wine and became a blushing bayberry wine.

  5. Clear and fragrant, can't help but take a sip, but still add ice and honey to drink, to be more refreshing


I soaked in the ratio of bayberry, wine and rock sugar at 2:5:1. I packed it in a sealed box a month ago. Now it is open. The aroma of bayberry is rich, the wine is transparent and the fragrance is fragrant. It can also be used alone. Pour half of the bayberry wine into the cup, add some ice cubes, mineral water and a spoonful of honey, so that the taste is sweeter and the drink is more refreshing.

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