Recipe: Bayberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry wine


This kind of good wine both inside and outside is a housewife in Jiangnan. It can be done by soaking in rock sugar and high-alcohol for more than half a month. Like the civilian beauty of Jiangnan, it is warm and friendly, and it is expected. At the beginning of this month, I went back to Shanghai. I went back and forth on the same day. The time was so tight. When I returned to Beijing, I also took Yangmei from Zhejiang Huzhou with a basket full of the day.



  1. Pour the Yangjiu into the cold water, add a small amount of salt, gently stir and soak for 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water and control the water.

  2. Prepare sterile, oil-free wide-mouthed bottles in advance, staggered into bayberry and rock sugar

  3. Pour in Erguotou wine until immersed in bayberry

  4. Cover the bottle with plastic wrap and add the cap. Store the sealed bayberry wine in a cool place

  5. After half a month, the wine turns red and you can enjoy it.


1, bubble Yangmei should use more than 45 degrees of high-alcohol liquor, do not use the sauce-flavored type of such personality, it is best to use the fragrance-type liquor, in order to completely preserve the fragrance of bayberry without interference. 2, Yangmei wine can also be added without sugar, after drinking, you can continue to save with white wine. 3, because it is soaked in white wine, so it is best not to add ice to drink. The method of "foreign wine plus ice" does not apply to Chinese liquor.

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