Recipe: Bayberry Sauce (Baicui Bread Jam)

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry Sauce (Baicui Bread Jam)


My friend gave me a basket of red bayberry. I tried one and it was too sour. I started to want to make sour plum juice, just throw the sugar in the pot and cook it. Then I thought, this Yangmei is so big, it’s a pity. Finally decided to make jam. Keep eating slowly.



  1. Yangmei puts in the salt water for 30 minutes, while cleaning, wash and clean the bayberry by the way.

  2. Cut the pulp of bayberry with a knife, because this kind of bayberry pulp is very thick and very cut. So soon.

  3. Put in the bucket of the bread and put in the sugar

  4. Cut a lemon and squeeze the lemon juice into the dried bayberry pulp.

  5. A large spoonful of maltose. Be careful when maltose is more sticky.

  6. Put into the bread machine, Bai Cui 8990s seems to be. . The new model bought last year has become older this year. . Then start the jam program. The Pai Cui jam program is 1:20. It only starts running in 20 minutes. Don't use it for the first time like me. It's too much. . .

  7. After the sugar is released, the water of the bayberry juice will all come out. Brewing for a while. Waiting for the pan.

  8. How to tell if the jam is good or not, take a bowl of water. Take a spoonful of jam. Drop a drop into the water, and disperse it quickly, that is, no good.


Pay attention to the number of times of mixing, do not paste the pot.

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