Recipe: Bayberry Jam Sandwich Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry Jam Sandwich Cake



  1. Corn oil, milk, 20 grams of white sugar poured into the container, heated on low heat, stirred while heating, and turned off when heated to boiling

  2. Hold the container and shake it slowly in a circle. The purpose is to let the milk cool down, shake it for about 100 times, and then sieve it into the low-gluten flour that has been sieved twice.

  3. Mix well with a squeegee and become a hot dough

  4. Separate protein and egg yolk (the container of protein should be as clean as possible, no oil and no water). After the dough is cooled to a temperature that is not hot, pour the egg yolk

  5. Use a manual egg beater to whipped to a smooth, (do not whipped for too long, it is easy to whipped smooth) whipped the smooth egg yolk paste, covered with plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator

  6. Add 3 times of protein to the white sugar, whipped until the egg can be lifted to pull out the small hook; preheat the oven 170 degrees

  7. Mix the egg yolk paste and protein paste three times, do not stir in a circle, and pick up the cake paste from the bottom.

  8. Mix the cake paste evenly, pour it into the baking sheet on the oiled paper, put the baking tray on both hands, shake it vigorously on the table, and shake out the big bubbles.

  9. Put it into the upper layer of the oven, 170 degrees, 20 minutes, fire up and down, then turn to the fire for 2 minutes, after the furnace is turned down on the baking net, hot torn open the oil paper, after a little cool, back on the oil paper; (temperature and time Please adjust according to the temper of your oven. It is not necessary to bake for 2 minutes. I just feel that this will make the surface of the cake not stick to the grill when it is inverted.

  10. Cut from the middle and divide into two equal sizes

  11. Turn one of them over, with the side of the grilling indentation facing down, apply a layer of bayberry jam with a small spoon (change to other jams as well)

  12. Cover another piece of cake on top, the indentation side of the grilling net is facing up, cut off the uneven cake with a knife, and cut it into pieces according to your preference.


I want to pay attention to the cut surface of the cake: First, the cake should be fully cooled and then cut; second, use a serrated knife or heat the knife first or use a hot boiling water to burn the knife and then cut.

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