Recipe: Bayberry jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Bayberry jam


If you have a bayberry that you don't have time to eat at home, you can try it.



  1. Soak the bayberry in salt water for 15 minutes, wash and drain

  2. Use a knife to cut off the pulp of the bayberry. The flesh I took down was weighed, about 400g.

  3. Take an acid-resistant pot (I use a stainless steel pot), put the bayberry pulp part in the pot, put 80g white sugar, medium and small fire, while cooking, use a wooden shovel to mash the bayberry pulp.

  4. After melting, you will find a lot of water, more than the water I have done before. So this time, I added a little more maltose, poured about 180g of maltose, and stirred it while cooking. The first half can be cooked on medium heat, saving time

  5. Cook until the jam is slightly thicker, add half a lemon squeezed juice to the jam, stir and cook until it is slightly thinner than the jam you want. Turn off the heat.

  6. The cooked bayberry jam is slightly cooler in the pan, prepare a heat-resistant and explosion-proof container (preferably eat the bottled jam bought by the supermarket, and wash the empty bottle)

  7. When the jam temperature is not less than 85 degrees, bottling and capping. Store at room temperature and cool in a refrigerator


1. The pot used should be acid resistant, such as the stainless steel pot I used, and the enamel pot. 2. The whole process does not need to release water, because the pulp itself has water, and when it is cooked with white sugar, the water will come out into a sparse state. 3. Putting maltose can increase the sticky feeling of jam. If you can't buy maltose, you can put four or five jelly together to cook. Jelly can also increase the sticky feeling. You can also use gelatin or fish gelatin powder. Instead, anyway, it plays a role. 4. The whole process needs to be stirred with a wooden shovel, so as not to scorch the stick. If you cook it to a little consistency, you can turn off the fire, because the viscosity will increase after the jam is cool. 5. Do a good job of putting the jam in the refrigerator and store it for about two or three months. 6. If you want to keep it for a long time, put the cooked jam into a sealable glass bottle at a temperature higher than 85 degrees, cover it. Put it in the pot and steam it at high temperature for 20 minutes, then remove the dried bottle. Moisture, wait until it is completely cool, then store it in the refrigerator. In a vacuum bottle, (I will wash the jam jar bought by the supermarket), it can extend the storage time. If I want to operate it properly, I will never put it in a month or two. problem. 7. Someone asked if you want to operate the sixth step, the bottle problem, answer the following: bottle, go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of jam, such as the glass bottle of Chubby, metal cover, this bottle is heat-resistant and explosion-proof, it is also passed before leaving the factory. High temperature treatment. The jam inside is not to be thrown after eating the bottle. It can be used after washing. 8. The amount of white sugar and maltose in the jam can be adjusted according to the sweet and sour taste of the fruit. However, the amount of white sugar is not recommended, because the sugar itself has antiseptic effect.

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