Recipe: Basil Saint Fruit Salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Basil Saint Fruit Salad


Basil, also known as the nine-story tower (almost variety), gold-free, St. Joseph's grass and sweet basil, is a very good smell of vanilla, often used in Western food, basil, the famous pine nut green sauce It is made with basil. Basil is also common in Thai cuisine, and three dishes in Chinese cuisine are also used. Baidu Encyclopedia said that basil contains volatile oil, and its taste is warm and temperate. It has the effect of diverting the wind, digesting moisture, promoting blood circulation and detoxification. Healing headache, bloating, hospital pain, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, etc. "Jiayou Materia Medica" contains "Tune in the digestion, go to the bad gas, eliminate the water, and eat raw food." This shows that Basil really has a good effect. Just, there is a point, qi deficiency and blood dryness should be eaten with caution~ Today, I use it to make a salad. It is very refreshing and delicious. It is accompanied by sweet and sour fresh fruit from the country. It is very suitable for autumn and dryness. The color is very bright and bright, and it won't disappoint. The sweet and sour fruit of the Virgin and the charming aroma of basil are very delicious under the blend of vinaigrette, and even bite into the crispy almonds to make the taste and taste richer.



  1. Cut the saint fruit into small petals; the almonds are broken into small pieces to remove the extra skin.

  2. Sprinkle a little olive oil and white wine vinegar, spray better with a spray bottle

  3. Grind a little more to Yihai salt; sprinkle with almonds

  4. Put freshly picked basil leaves


Note that the amount of white vinegar is less, and the amount of olive oil is more.

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