Recipe: Basil fried cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Basil fried cucumber


Perilla, a plant with a special aroma, is commonly used in most parts of the country, and in a few areas it is considered an edible vegetable or condiment. Such a delicious and delicious dish of basil fried cucumber occasionally appears in the Hunan restaurant. The scent of perilla penetrates into the slightly crispy golden cucumber slices after frying, so that the cucumber adds a wonderful taste to the fragrance. The fragrant scent of the nose is exactly the mystery of this basil fried cucumber. It is chewed in the mouth. The fresh cucumber, the scent of the basil and the bean flavor after the fermentation of the cardamom are filled in the lips and teeth.



  1. Cucumber is cut into tiger skin and cut into 2~3cm thick slices

  2. The garlic cloves are chopped, the small red peppers are chopped, the perilla leaves are slightly cut into small pieces, and the shallots are cut into sections.

  3. Pour some oil into the pan and heat it to 80% heat. Add the cucumber slices and fry until the two sides are browned.

  4. Put 1 tbsp of oil in the pot, add small red pepper, garlic cloves, soybean meal, stir-fry the scent, then add the cucumber, add salt, oil, perilla, stir fry for half a minute, and finally add the onion. Stir in the fire and add some soy sauce, slightly stir fry the pot, open to eat!


1. When frying cucumber, the fire should be big enough, the outside of the cucumber is brown, and the meat inside is slightly brittle, so that it tastes good when eaten. 2. The order of the seasonings should not be messy, so be sure to stir-fry, so that the most fragrant.

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