Recipe: Basil fried cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Basil fried cucumber


The sweetness of the cucumber and the rich blend of the basil are very good. After eating this dish of green tea, I felt that the taste was too heavy and I decided to improve it myself.



  1. Cucumber slices, basil and basil leaves chopped, beautiful peppers cut into circles, garlic chopped long slices;

  2. Raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, soybean meal, sugar, a little water mix, first adjust the juice.

  3. Slowly fry the hot oil in the pan under the cucumber, tiling as much as possible, let the water evaporate faster, fry until the skin is slightly wrinkled, and the melons appear slightly dry white.

  4. Garlic cloves, basil, basil leaves, red peppers

  5. Add the fried cucumber and stir-fry for one minute.

  6. Pour the sauce, the cucumber is slightly flattened, stir fry, and the juice is ready.


1, the key to doing this dish is the first step to fry the cucumber, not too much fire, easy to focus, will spend more time. Add other ingredients and seasonings and stir-fry with the fire. 2, the taste of basil leaves is not the same as the perilla, the fusion of the two is better, if there is no fresh basil can finally put a little dry basil spices. 3, the cardamom is best to use the original soy sauce, no pepper and other ingredients. 4, the amount of sugar can be increased or decreased according to taste preferences.

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