Recipe: Basil fried cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Basil fried cucumber



  1. The cucumber is cut into a cylindrical shape of about 5 cm. In the middle, it is broken into two semicircular cylinders, and a diamond-shaped flower knife is cut on the side of the green skin.

  2. Dried red peppers are cut small. Garlic is just cut. Perilla cut a few knives.

  3. Put the oil in the pan and heat it, turn to a small fire, put the cucumber on the side of the knife and down, put it into the pot, fry until the epidermis has a little bit of coke.

  4. Fry to the place where the cucumber flower knife is burnt, the skin without the skin looks soft, put garlic, basil, dried chili, salt

  5. Then start frying, gently smash the cucumber with a spatula, it will automatically split into small pieces.

  6. A little bit of water, linger for a minute or two.

  7. Collect water. a little MSG or chicken,

  8. carry out.

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