Recipe: Basic Whole Egg Sponge Cake (with the possible details of the failure of the most detailed sponge cake)

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic Whole Egg Sponge Cake (with the possible details of the failure of the most detailed sponge cake)


Recently, a lot of sponges are not ideal, so open a recipe to summarize the reasons for the failure and the solution. It is convenient for you to look through the time. I finally made a 6 cm and used it to make a recipe. Spicy hahaha~ The following formula is a recipe for Tokyo. You can make a cake of 15 cm or about 6 inches. Do 8 inches of yourself and do it by 1.5 times! Very basic formula, practicing hands is quite good. Don't leave a message asking me where the cake is not tested, how can I do it? I don't know how to cook it myself. I don't understand it. Basically, there are some cases below, and I think that the big ideas and small ideas are full of clearness. Before asking questions, I will find the reason for my own. I will take the seat of the number and the points will be compiled from "Perfect West Point" and "The most comprehensive." The cake textbook cherishes the fruits of my labor and does not reprint, thank you! ! ! ! ! The following analysis and analysis: 1. Cake sag The cake is opened too early after the furnace enters the furnace: cold air intrusion, so that the furnace temperature drops sharply, hindering the cake expansion process. The cake was accidentally shaken in the oven: the cake was rising and not yet cooked, and the careless vibration would destroy the delicate tissue and cause the cake to sink. Excessive egg production: causing too much air in the egg paste, and the flour cannot withstand excess air. Insufficient amount of flour: too little protein can not withstand a lot of air. 2. The volume of the cake is released. The blender has grease, so that the egg paste can't be sent. Eggs are not enough. The eggs used are too cold. Excessive use of oil. Stir in the flour for too long to stir the flour. The oven temperature is too low. 3. The cake skin is too thick. The oven surface temperature is too high. It took too long to enter the furnace. The oven temperature is too low. 4. The cake is rough. The egg is sent for too long and the air in the egg paste is too much. The oven temperature is too low. 5. Too atmospheric holes Eggs have been sent for too long. The flour is mixed unevenly. The temperature at the bottom of the oven is too high. 6. The organization is too dense. Eggs are not enough. The oven temperature is too low. Excessive use of flour. 7. The cake surface is cracked. The batter is too dry. The ingredients list contains eggs and powdered sugar or excessive use of flour. The oven temperature is too high. 8. The cake surface is spotted. Use rough sugar. Eggs and sugar are not enough to cause the sugar to dissolve in time, and the sugar is dissolved in the furnace to dissolve.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mix the eggs and white sugar, mix them in the pot and try to melt the sugar.

    Mix the eggs and white sugar, mix them in the pot and try to melt the sugar.

  2. Place the mixing bowl in a container with hot water of about 60 degrees and heat it in water. Send it at high speed until you can pick up the egg liquid and write “8” to give a clear shape with a hardness that will not disappear for a while.

  3. Stir at low speed for a minute and tidy up the bubbles.

  4. Add the sifted flour and mix well with the eggs until no dry powder is found. The specific method can go to search Wang Guangguang to have a recipe to explain this piece of 哒~

  5. Pour the butter that had previously melted into a liquid onto the scraper and let the butter spread over the surface of the batter.

  6. Hold the mixing bowl with your left hand and the squeegee with your right hand. The surface of the squeegee is perpendicular to the batter. Cut straight into the center of the batter and cover the bottom batter to cover the surface until the batter is smooth and can slide off the scraper like silk.

  7. The batter is poured into the mold for 180 degrees and 23 minutes.

  8. After baking, the mold is dropped from the height of about 10 cm on the table. Invert the cooling net to cool.

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