Recipe: Basic simple chili oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic simple chili oil


The role of seasoning is not only to season, but also to interact with food, such as cold food and chili oil can be neutralized.



  1. Selection of peppers: Generally, the bags of dried peppers in the supermarket are not too spicy. The chili oil made is more fragrant. I use the fresh millet that I bought, and I dried it.

  2. Dried chili is ready, ground with a stone mortar or a blender (if it is too lazy, it is recommended to buy ready-made peppers)

  3. Stir the ground pepper in a clean, water-free container and add a pinch of salt. (If you are really afraid of spicy but want to eat it, add a little sugar)

  4. Heat the pot, pour the oil into the pepper 2-3 times, heat it, the oil temperature is very important, too hot will burn the pepper, not hot enough to stimulate the fragrance. Tip: Put your hand on the top of the pan and feel The heat is very hot but it won't be hot. Just pour the oil on the pepper and prepare the waterless spoon for a few times.


Made chili oil for two months, no problem

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