Recipe: Basic puff

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic puff


This recipe is taken from the "French Blue Ribbon Pastry Foundation". The picture is the Kasida sauce.



  1. Water, shredded butter, salt, and sugar are poured into the pot and heated on low heat.

  2. When the butter is completely melted, the pot is blistering and then leaves the fire. (The water evaporates quickly so don't boil)

  3. Sift the low powder, pour all the ingredients, stir quickly with a wooden spoon, and heat again to evaporate excess water.

  4. The batter is fried into a dough, and a film is formed at the bottom of the pot. When the batter does not stick to the pan, it is completed.

  5. Pour into the mixing bowl from the fire and cool down slightly

  6. Whole egg break up, a small amount, slowly add 5 to mix (while rotating the basin while stirring) egg liquid about 4-5 times to join

  7. Use a wooden spoon to pick up the batter, and the batter can slowly fall off the softness. Egg liquid is used to adjust the hardness, not all must be used up

  8. The finished batter has a shiny surface and will slowly recombine when cut with a finger. If it is too hard, it will crack when baked.

  9. Usually 180 ° 20-25 minutes, look at each oven to adjust the temperature

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