Recipe: Basic 8-inch hurricane formula

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic 8-inch hurricane formula


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  1. To send the key points, the pot must be clean, water-free and oil-free. The egg whites should be clean and should not be mixed with any egg yolk. Add a drop of white vinegar or lemon juice when you send it.

  2. Egg white yolk separates two pots

  3. Egg yolk plus 30 grams of sugar, hand-mixed egg beater evenly, add oil and milk, mix evenly, sieve such as low powder, mix well and spare.

  4. Beat the egg white, add 20 grams of sugar, send to the delicate foam stage, add 15 grams of sugar, continue to send to the dominant foaming stage (have obvious lines when stirring), add 15 grams of sugar, and send it to the rigid foaming stage.

  5. Add 1/3 protein cream to the egg yolk batter, stir evenly, then pour the batter into the protein cream, stir evenly, the video is found online, please contact me if you have any questions. id_XOTIwMTc1NDgw.html?from=s1.8-1-1.2

  6. Pour into the mold after completion, remove a large number of bubbles with a few taps, oven 160-170, 40-50 minutes, fine-tune according to your own oven. Take it out immediately after baking, and gently drop it twice.

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