Recipe: Basic Green Chicken Breast Salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic Green Chicken Breast Salad


Favorite green + salad + fresh and juicy chicken breast ~ Eat a plate to achieve full satisfaction of body and mind, fresh lettuce, crisp and tender asparagus, sweet and sour tomato and juicy chicken breasts ~ really It’s so pleasing! The ultra-simple method of sharing chicken breasts with the salad dressing method; of course, this formula is often based on the basics, adding nuts inside, the cheese is very good, I will continue to update below! Welcome friends to try it out! Super simple salad with side dish fried chicken breast: poke here →



  1. The fried chicken breast is cut into strips. After the asparagus is cut into sections, it is boiled in boiling water for about 50 seconds until the water is slightly boiled again. Let cool and spare.

  2. Wash the bitter chrysanthemum, lettuce, drain the water, and wash the small tomato in half.

  3. All the salad juice ingredients are poured into a small bottle with a lid, tightened, and shaken up and down in all directions to mix well.

  4. Put the cool chicken breasts, asparagus, bitter chrysanthemum, lettuce, and small tomatoes in a large salad bowl, pour in the mixed salad dressing, stir well, and serve the plate.

  5. Enjoy your salad! I used to dig a spoonful of soft Mascarpone cheese when I was eating. I can try it if I like it!


It's so simple that you don't need tips! In short, I shared the basic recipes I used most often. You can add all kinds of delicious foods according to your personal preferences.

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