Recipe: Basic cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic cream


Jun's cream cream has been tried, but all ended in failure, and then know to find life-saving straw in the ocean of the Internet, and finally tried the formula of Dorothy's sister to succeed ( I don't know if it is plagiarism. . ,



  1. First, the unsalted cream is softened at room temperature and beaten with an egg beater. A small piece on the right is a comparison with the one that was not sent.

  2. Add 40 grams of sugar to the water until the sugar melts quickly, and start to spread the egg white to eight. When the syrup is boiled to 117°-121°, immediately rush into the egg white that is sent, and send it to the egg white with a high speed to cool down slightly.

  3. In the cream of Practice 1, pour evenly, then add the melted white chocolate and mix well.rIf you need this, you can add your favorite colors, such as: matcha powder, cocoa powder, pigments, etc. [This step can be added or not, I have not added anyway]


I feel that the creamy cream that I have made is not white. . . With a touch of yellow. There is also the hardness of the cream is determined by the temperature. . and so. . Can be adjusted like icing

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