Recipe: Basic cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Basic cake


Our family is a typical southerner, so food such as pasta is rarely served on the table. But recently I suddenly wanted to make some pasta because the family had a "hungry wolf". Every day, under the premise of full dinner. After half an hour, someone started to fruit first, then ice, and then ........... Finally looking for cockroaches, without fruit, began to call: "Wife, is there any delicious? ?"



  1. 3g yeast is dissolved in 190g warm water (water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees)

  2. Mix all the ingredients and mix well

  3. High temperature resistant container (I use the 760ML high temperature glass storage box) to brush the oil, pour the mixed batter into the container

  4. I put it in the warm place to double the original volume, I spent about an hour. Sprinkle raisins on the surface of the fermented batter

  5. Cold water pot, steam for about 30 minutes


1. Dissolve yeast needs warm water, but the water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, you can try it by hand, feel the temperature is warm, the water temperature is not hot. The water is too hot will burn the yeast, the surface will not be fermented Acted. 2. The surface of the cake can be made by adding the corn flour to the powder of the raisins or red dates. You can make the corn cake, and put the pumpkin into the pumpkin cake. The so-called imagination has no limit....... 3. In order to facilitate the steaming of the cake, it can be taken out from the container smoothly. The wall of the container should be oiled or padded with gauze, oil paper, etc. I use the 760ml high temperature glass preservation round box. This picture is convenient. Quenching and hot, directly into the pot steaming, can not eat the lid and put the refrigerator. The next day you want to eat, take off the lid, throw it directly into the microwave oven and heat it, and save the trouble of changing containers. 4. Once the cake can be eaten, you can put it in the refrigerator and store it. When you want to eat it the next day, put it in the microwave oven for two or thirty seconds and it will be soft and delicious.

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