Recipe: Barley tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley tea


A cup of appetizing and refreshing tea that Koreans must drink.



  1. Bulk barley tea can be boiled in a pot, a barley tea plus two liters of water, boil for about 15 minutes, or boil and pour into the teapot for multiple brewing

  2. If it is bagged barley tea, brew it with boiling water.

  3. Put the barley tea in water, boil it, pour it into a cup, drink it hot, or let it cool.

  4. Barley tea is suitable for single foam, not suitable for other teas


Chinese people's Spring Festival is often dominated by chicken, duck and fish. After a big meal, drink a cup of thick barley tea, not only can be greasy, but also promote digestion. Moreover, the hot barley tea has the function of nourishing the stomach and warming the stomach, and is suitable for drinking for people of all ages. Barley tea is pure natural. Suitable for all seasons. Suitable for health drinks of all ages Barley tea will be returned to the milk, if not recommended during breastfeeding.

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