Recipe: Barley leafy salted egg yolk meat pine group

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley leafy salted egg yolk meat pine group


I haven't eaten the apricot flower building, but I also come to the small follower. Haha used the high-mail salted duck egg that I bought before going to the kitchen, but it was obviously not enough! Everyone can put more! Floss is a Wenzhou specialty store bought by a treasure! It feels delicious! I used a domestically produced barley seedling powder bought by a certain treasure. It is not a Japanese one. It is very cheap. I think it is possible to use green powder. I don’t have to stick to it. Then I don’t stick rice noodles. Rarely to buy, so use low powder instead, it is estimated that what flour is used for the husband! Say the taste of the skin, the skin will not have a heavy grassy taste, and it is quite awkward with the meat stuffing! In fact, I don't eat green groups very much~~ So I don't know how the authenticity is haha. It's delicious. This skin is not sticky. It feels convenient to steam and then pack it. It is suitable for me, this kind of person who only has a small steamer. It is really painful to steam so much at a time. There is a wood after steaming. The deformation is also very painful. There is a color in the wood. It is also very painful to have wood. So you can steam it first. The perfect solution to the problem is there! The recipe component can be done about 16



  1. Mix the ingredients of the skin, except the barley leaf powder, add water, add a group, you can synthesize the group, do not add too much water.

  2. Then steam on the pot for about 25 minutes.

  3. When steaming, do the stuffing, stir the salted egg and add the meat, because the filling of each green group is about 20g, so you can pre-calculate how much meat is needed.

  4. The stuffing will be a bit bad, so add a little oil to make the stuffing moist, and it will be better.

  5. After steaming, remove the dough, add barley leaf powder, and then stir constantly, mix with the dough. This step may be a bit hot. Be careful not to get burnt. You can wait a little colder and then add it. If the color is not satisfactory, you can add powder.

  6. The dough is then divided into 40g portions and 20g filling is added. Just wrap it up. This is still quite good. If you feel sticky, you can apply a little oil in your hand.

  7. When you pack, remember to press the stuffing with a spoon or the like, try not to use your hands. Because the meat sticks on your hands, the skin of the group is not so smooth. It doesn't look good.


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