Recipe: Barley leaf bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley leaf bread


I bought a barley leaf powder, but I couldn’t drink it. Inspired by the opportunity, I used it to make cake bread. I tried it, and it was really good! How good is the effect? ​​I don’t know if there is a big box of powder.



  1. Eggs into the bread bucket

  2. If the barley leaves are spread with milk, mix well and pour into the bread bucket. Pour whipping cream into the bread bucket.

  3. Sugar and salt diagonally

  4. Flour into the bread bucket

  5. Dig a hole in the flour, put it in the yeast, and cover it with flour.

  6. Put the bread bucket into the bread machine, select a dough program, and press the start button.

  7. After the dough is finished, the butter is cut into small pieces and thrown into the bread bucket. Press the start button directly.

  8. Oh, the fragrant bread is out!


1. Use bread machine to make bread in the order of liquid and powder. 2. If there is no light cream, you can use 140g milk directly, which is slightly worse on the palate.

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