Recipe: Barley kernels and rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley kernels and rolls


The book says that making sushi is very simple. I don't feel simple at all: first, I have to prepare for work, otherwise I will be busy when I do it; then when I do it, the rice is very sticky, often sticking one here, sticking one there, Very bad operation, wrapped sushi has always been my weakness, the old wrap is not tight, or it is wrapped up not good-looking; finally finished, the kitchen is turned over the pot, the washing is also a lot, and the baked one The wolf is comparable. Hey, the things that come out of this, like the bread of your own, are eaten in a few mouthfuls, and it feels a little worthless. T_T But to be honest, this thing is really good looking in the box, hehe. 1 cup of rice can be made into 6 thin rolls or 1 too roll 1 piece of seaweed can make 2 thin rolls or 1 too roll



  1. Cook rice in a rice cooker, and then suffocate for 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. The material of the sushi vinegar melts at a low temperature and is put into the rice.

  3. Press the sushi mold into a roll and a thin roll, wrapped in Shanghai moss. It can also be wrapped directly with a sushi curtain. No matter which one I use, I don't seem to be wrapped up. . . sweat.

  4. Cut the knife with the water, put the plate, and you're done.


Learning experience: After analysis, I think I still have some questions: 1 My rice has never been scoured many times because I think that is no nutrition. Moreover, for health, I rarely use white rice. Generally, germ rice, brown rice, and other mixed rice are used, so the viscosity will be greatly reduced. I have to add a certain proportion of glutinous rice to neutralize, and the rice that comes out is naturally not so good. How do you say this? It is not a fish and a bear's paw. . . When I was 2 volumes, I always feared that rice would stick everywhere. I basically never used my hands. I used chopsticks before. Now I use molds, haha. It seems that water and cling film can help a lot, learn. 3 The strips in the thin scrolls are not cut enough. I see that there are so many wrapped in one volume, and I can’t afford it. 4 Sharp knives are also very important. It seems that I either buy a sharpening knife or invest in a knife that cuts sushi! 5 It seems that the use of the mold is really not good, you have to use bamboo curtains to combat it.

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