Recipe: Barley green mung bean barley porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley green mung bean barley porridge



  1. Wash the barley kernels, coix seed, and mung beans together for one hour, then cook in a pot until the mung bean skin begins to fall off.

  2. Put the washed rice together and cook until soft and fragrant. (I cooked it in a rice cooker, so I don’t have to look at the fire, I can stir it occasionally)

  3. You can put some red dates, scallions, etc. in the right amount. Pay attention to the mung bean glutinous rice, etc., or cook for a while, otherwise the last rice is cooked, but the other three materials are hard.


Glutinous rice is sweet, light, slightly cold, spleen, stomach, lung; spleen and water, dampness and phlegm, clearing heat and pus, clearing dampness and heat; can be used to treat diarrhea, tendons, flexion and extension , edema, athlete's foot, intestinal fistula, vaginal, vaginal discharge, etc.; but patients with hypotension should eat less glutinous rice. Mung beans are sweet and cool. It can clear away heat, reduce urination, and detoxify.

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