Recipe: Barley green juice toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley green juice toast


This is the use of Wu Keji's "Teacher's Tasting Toast" inside the matcha red bean toast to change the recipe. This toast has no explosive power, so the length is not high because there is a large package of barley green juice powder at home, so I did this spit. The barley green juice powder is lighter than the matcha powder, so if you use the matcha powder, please cut it by half, otherwise it will bring some bitterness. The teacher used two kinds of high-gluten powder to make high-gluten powder 208g T55 powder 52g (I did not use T55, so all use high powder) oven preheated above the fire 170 ° C / under fire 230 ° C baking for 28 minutes. Bake at 180 ° C for 35 minutes if there is no fire control. Here is just a reference value, depending on your own oven. Bake until about 10 minutes, please put tin foil on the surface of the toast.



  1. Pour the ingredients other than butter and barley green juice powder (matcha powder) into the bread machine and stir until the extension phase. The bread machine is SKG. It has a kneading function. It takes 45 minutes and 25 minutes left. butter.

  2. Then add butter and stir until the finish (hand mask)

  3. Take half of the dough from the bread machine and roll it to the side to ferment. Put 10g of barley green juice powder into the bread machine and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Until the powder is mixed with the dough. The dough of the barley green juice is rounded and fermented. The two doughs are fermented at room temperature for 60 minutes (in the oven in winter, a bowl of hot water in the oven, and the oven door is closed)

  4. Drain the dough and remove the air. After another 20 minutes of intermediate fermentation (warning), the well-baked dough is chopped, and the barley green juice dough is placed on the original dough. After being wrapped in red beans, roll up and relax for 10 minutes. Then put the noodles into the red beans again, put them into the toast mold for 60 minutes and finally ferment them, and send them to the toast mold for 9 minutes to brush the whole egg liquid and then into the oven.

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