Recipe: Barley cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Barley cake


When I want to eat snacks and don't like to make a big move, it's pretty good to make this snack. Especially the hot days~ don't need to boil water to steam, don't preheat the oven~ save energy~ It tastes like sand and sorrow, a little bit of mung bean cake feeling~ The sweet and sour taste of apple syrup dilutes the thick and greasy noodles~ Put it there and take it in your hands, all of which are serious desserts of eight hundred children~



  1. Pour apple syrup into the barley fried noodles and stir into small pieces with chopsticks; taste the sweetness you like.

  2. Pour a little bit of boiling water and grab it with your hands.

  3. Divide into 6 parts, sprinkle a layer of barley fried noodles in the moon cake mold, and then remove the excess, leaving a thin layer of anti-stick

  4. Adjust the moon cake mold to a suitable height, put a piece of fried dough, and compact it by hand.

  5. Hold the cake out with one hand and take it out with the other hand.


1. What kind of fried noodles can be, but if the pattern is clear, it is best not to have the kind of sesame walnut broken. 2. If there is no moon cake mold, you can also find the existing equipment at home. For example, the bottom of the omelet, jelly box and mineral water bottle can be used as a mold to make a beautiful snack. 3. Apple syrup is homemade, apple vinegar, freshly squeezed apple juice 1:1 ratio, boil, change to low heat to thick, and then add caramel according to taste.

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