Recipe: Barbecued pork chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Barbecued pork chop



  1. Glutinous rice, mung bean, hazelnut leaf bubble day and night

  2. Peanuts, red dates, two hours

  3. Cut the meat into thin pieces and marinate it with salted pork for more than two hours. Finally, add some oyster sauce and marinate for ten minutes.

  4. Glutinous rice drained the water, mix it with a little salt, start to wrap the dumplings, put the meat in the middle, the rest are free to put

  5. Packed hazelnut discharge in the pressure cooker, add the water, one hour


1. The time of soaking rice is to say that I have to soak for one day. When I say that it is enough for two hours, I have tried this one day, and I will try the next time. 2. I used to use pork belly, I was catching up with the boiled meat that I bought, and I used it.

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