Recipe: Barbecued pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Barbecued pork


Serving Size: 9 buns



  1. Mix flour, water, dry yeast powder and knead it into smooth dough

  2. Fermentation for 1 hour in a warm place (heating in the oven for about 30 degrees or in a magnifying pot, separated by warm water, etc.)

  3. Finely simmer the pork, add the pork sauce and oyster sauce, mix well

  4. Divide the dough into 50 grams of a small dose, roughly divided into 9 small doses

  5. Slightly thicker in the middle, slightly thinner around the skin

  6. Add the fried pork roast

  7. One hand is nesting, the other hand is folded

  8. Fold the top with a folded edge

  9. Around the circle of the buns, the thumb rotates. All the way to the last small piece of dough. Finally, the thumb is twisted again, and the tip of the dough that has been brought from the front is turned to the end and becomes a circle.

  10. Put the oil in the steamer and put it into the bun. Cover the lid and ferment for another 20 minutes, then simmer for 20 minutes.

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