Recipe: Barbecued pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Barbecued pork



  1. Cut the diced pork, simmer in a small bowl, put some oil in the pan and preheat it.

  2. Add broth (or chicken essence to water) in turn, oyster sauce (added according to preference) sugar, oyster sauce, stir-fry

  3. Finally, the hook, the pot

  4. The filling should be cold, so that the juice is solidified with the meat, so it is delicious to steam it out.

  5. The method is the same as the bag

  6. Zoom in and steam for about 20 minutes


Add some milk and sugar when you are making noodles, but the buns are sweet and delicious. The wrapped buns must be put down for 15-20 minutes, so that 2 times of fermentation, the buns are only simmering. Steamed buns, simmer for 5 minutes and then take it, taste good

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