Recipe: Barbecued pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Barbecued pork



  1. Make your own pork roast, cut into small Ding

  2. Add a little bit of barbecued pork and stir well for the color to look good. In fact, the pork that I made myself was delicious. But after roasting in the oven, the color is not so good. So first beauty

  3. Dough to smooth

  4. Divided into 10 small doses, one of which is round

  5. Wrapped in pork

  6. Reshape into a round shape, steamer, wake up for 30 minutes, cold water pot, medium heat for 20 minutes


1, the buns have to be beautiful. Look at the first point first, the surface should be smooth. But the slickness mentioned here is not like we are making bread, it is completely unnecessary. Just be smooth. My general chef machine, if you lick the bread dough for 20 minutes, the buns are usually about three minutes. simple. 2, the second point, the dough is good, you can pack it directly. Don't wake up, then remove the bubbles, it's really troublesome, and the surface is not easy to be smooth. 3, the third point, wrapped buns, to be shaped, you think, no matter what you do, that foundation is very important, if you wrap the buns themselves, you will not be embarrassed, then how do you make him look good after the pot? what. For example, what I am doing today is the round. Don't make a square. 4, now that this step has been done, it is basketed. The cage must be brushed with oil and not stained. Then put the buns on. The pot in the cage itself should be filled with some water, which can be steamed for 20 minutes and a little more. Saving. 5, this is not finished yet. There is water in the pot, and the buns are also caged. Open another big fire for 40 seconds. I estimate that the temperature is just no more than 40 degrees. My home is 2100W induction cooker. Therefore, when I fire, I count in my heart. Go to 40, turn off the fire. 6. After about 30 minutes, you will come back to the buns and grow up. They are all bigger than before. The most special thing is that each of the buns is like a steaming sauna. The surface is a layer of water mist. This steamed buns are moisturized. 7, also want to look good, the face is also very important. I use low-gluten flour. If the quality of the flour you bought is not the same, it may not be as red as it is. But with a smooth bun, I think the powder will do. 8, a little oil, will make the buns shiny. good looking. It is me and 10 grams of oil in the dough. 9, steamed buns, I usually 20 minutes, never a few. If it is 15 minutes, maybe this buns are a failure. Also, by the time, I don't turn off the fire, the lid opens slowly. Therefore, the surface of the bun has never been pitted. 10, said so much, or experience is the most important. Let the packages practice first.

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