Recipe: Barbecue sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Barbecue sauce


The sauce that I cook at home is not to lose the sauce outside. The recipe is based on other people's, and after adjusting it, I adjusted it. for reference only.



  1. Put all the things together in the soup pot, cook them on low heat, stir them from time to time, and turn off the heat when thick.

  2. If you can't finish it, you can use the jar to seal it for the next time. Before the meat is baked, use the seasoning to cook it, directly bake it, then put the meat into the lettuce, add the cucumber, and wrap it up on the barbecue sauce. Especially delicious


Simple and hygienic, the taste is that the barbecue sauce sold outside can't be compared. When cooking, you must add more stirring to avoid the bottom. I wish you all a happy meal.

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