Recipe: Bandit pork bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bandit pork bone soup


The spleen and stomach have not been good, the doctor suggested that I drink more pork bones, or five fingers, peaches and chickens to help the dampness and stomach. As a Cantonese, the temptation of desserts and cakes is not as good as the satisfaction of a bowl of soup. Drinking soup is a disease.



  1. After the pig bones go to the blood, the water is boiled in the pot, the pork bones are placed in the boiled water to remove the foam, and then the pig bones are picked up and rinsed under the clear water.

  2. 茨实, glutinous rice, red bean, dried tangerine peel, earthworm washed water for use

  3. Put the material into the soup pot, add the right amount of water, first boil the fire, then turn to the low heat for 1.5~2 hours.


Glutinous rice, Zushi, Chixiaodou I spent the night overnight, these materials pre-soaked water to help the stalks boil. If you want the soup to be more sweet, you can put more glutinous rice.

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