Recipe: Banana Walnut Mafen

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana Walnut Mafen



  1. Preparation: Bananas are crushed with a fork for spare; eggs are warmed up at room temperature.

  2. Add white sugar to the whole egg and mix well

  3. Add sunflower oil, milk, planed lemon dander, lemon juice, and mix thoroughly every time.

  4. Add banana puree and mix well with a spatula

  5. Sift in low powder, baking powder and baking soda powder and stir with a spatula to form a uniform batter

  6. Break into the paper cup, 7-8 minutes, put walnuts on the batter

  7. Oven 185 degree preheating, middle layer, 20 minutes


It’s best to use bananas to make them ripe. I bought two bananas and hid them, huh, huh, until the black skin. The amount of sugar in the square has been reduced, and it is not recommended to continue to reduce it, because this is not sweet enough to eat. Walnuts can be used for mashing, or they can be used directly, as you like. The temperature and time of the oven should be handled in accordance with the temper of your own oven.

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