Recipe: Banana Tortilla - Sports Diet

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana Tortilla - Sports Diet


Bananas are a very good supplement to carbon water. You can choose to eat after exercise or exercise. Cornmeal is lower in carbon water than ordinary flour, has low calories, and is more susceptible to satiety in coarse grains.



  1. Banana, peeled, sliced. Use a spoon to pour it into a mud.

  2. Put the cornmeal into the banana puree and beat the eggs. Stir.

  3. The paste in step 2 may be more viscous, so pour the milk and adjust to the appropriate consistency.

  4. Hot pot, it is recommended to do non-stick pan, because you can not drain the oil. Big hot pot, small fire pancakes.

  5. Put the prepared banana corn paste into the pot. After one side is fried, turn over the other side.

  6. Go out and serve.


The banana is already very sweet, so there is no need to add sugar. If you don't have a non-stick pan, you can put a little more hot pot, otherwise it is easy to stick the pan. Pancakes must use a small fire, otherwise it will easily turn into dark brown.

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