Recipe: Banana thin bottom pizza

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana thin bottom pizza


If you have a good pizza in your hand, then this pizza is really fast for you. This pizza personally feels that it is better to use a thin-bottomed crust, and the amount of the pancake is generally 100-120g. I mean 9 inch pizza.



  1. The bottom of the cake is opened and olive oil is applied to the bottom.

  2. Paste the whole pizza with Chubby salad dressing

  3. Sliced ​​bananas on a pizza

  4. Cinnamon powder and fine sugar are sprinkled a little to increase the aroma and sweet taste

  5. Evenly sprinkle with mozzarella mozzarella cheese

  6. The 210 degree oven is preheated, and the pizza is baked in the oven for 15 minutes, until the cheese melts slightly browned.


1, cinnamon powder can be scattered a little bit, do not like this taste can be ignored 2, like a little sweet can be sprinkled with sugar 3, bananas should be cooked, taste better. 4, cheese can best cover all bananas, After heating, the banana will turn black and it is not good to look at 5. Today, I saw that if you like the bottom of the cake is crisp, don’t add sugar when you knead the noodles.

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