Recipe: Banana strawberry smoothie smoothie smoothie

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana strawberry smoothie smoothie smoothie


It was the favorite party in the store when I used to work! Smoothie really doesn't know what translation is the most appropriate in Chinese. . .



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Put it all in Blender and break it!

    Put it all in Blender and break it!

  2. Go see the tips!

  3. Do more than you can drink, add some sugar, put it into the ice mold to freeze!


The ratio is not strict. Apple juice and milk must be there. It doesn't matter if it is more, it will be sweeter when the apple juice is more. But the best amount of apple juice should not exceed milk. The proportion of bananas will be thicker, usually I will throw one directly! Strawberry is the best fresh, but I also use frozen. I think strawberry is the best drink, other berry can also ~ like acid, you can add sugar-free yogurt greek yogurt~ Australia strawberry is sour, I will not add. When working, the store will add ice cream to create a creamy sweet taste. Feel free at home~ If you add ice, you have to play for a while~ I don't like the taste of ice slag, often omitting ice. But a small amount of ice will make it more refreshing! Solid (fruit + ice) should be enough to ensure a thick smoothie taste, too much liquid, a lot of foam will be a lot of foam, if you don't mind it does not matter. In short, try a few more times! Guarantee sweet and sour, rich and healthy, good ^_^

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