Recipe: Banana shredded hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana shredded hurricane


A hurricane with bananas and shredded coconut is especially delicious when you eat it! Fangzi is 6 inches!



  1. The protein is beaten to a coarse foam and added to the sugar (20g) three times to dryness.

  2. Add the egg yolk to the sugar (16g), add the corn oil, mix well with the milk, sift into the low powder, cut into the no-granules, add the coconut shreds (if you like the soft taste, you can add one-third of the banana puree)

  3. Add one-third of the protein cream to the egg yolk paste, mix well, and then pour all the egg yolk paste into the meringue. Mix well. Pour into the mold and shake out the foam.

  4. Sprinkled coconut on the surface, decorated with thin banana chips

  5. Bake until the surface is colored at 170 degrees, change to 150 degrees, and bake for 20-25 minutes.


Bananas should not be placed too much, otherwise the water will be too big, the cake will be very wet, the banana chips must be very thin, otherwise the cake will crack.

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