Recipe: Banana pancakes

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana pancakes


Bananas are really not the standing fruits of my family. It is estimated that I will buy them 10 times a year. In fact, I really don’t like bananas. I can eat them. I don’t think I have to eat them. I don’t often buy bananas. It’s mainly because my flesh is not touched by my mouth. It’s one of the fruits that I refuse to eat. And the bananas are kept for a short time. If you buy them for 2 days, you will get black spots and attract a lot of small flying insects. So every time you visit the fruit shop, you always look at the bananas. Later, after reading a collar, it is mentioned that a woman can eat a banana every day. Because banana has the name of “happy food”, it can make people feel happy and comfortable, and secondly because bananas have low calorie, dietary fiber. Rich in content, easy to satiety, can be used as the food of choice for weight loss, in addition, banana can make the skin soft and shiny, eyesight, full of energy. Also, because when my mother-in-law chatted with me, I mentioned that one of the fruits I liked to eat was a banana. So, I slowly began to pay attention to the bananas, and when I saw the good ones, I would buy them back. The difficulty of selling bananas in Hainan has become a hot issue in the near future. Specifically, it can’t be sold. I haven’t specifically studied it. It’s related to the previous Ethere report. Later, I saw rumors on the CCTV news channel. In fact, ethephon is not as terrible as people think. Spraying on bananas according to the prescribed ratio only accelerates the ripening time of bananas. It can be safely eaten. The price of bananas in the near future is absolutely cheap enough. People often see a car on the side of the road. The car is sold, the price of 5 yuan and 3 pounds is also very explosive. In this year, is there any fruit below 2 yuan? Do you have? - Yes, bananas! ! Use bananas to make a quick 3-minute breakfast for the busy people in the office, so that our breakfast is more nutritious!



  1. Prepare raw materials

  2. Peel the banana, cut into pieces and put it into the cooking machine to make mud

  3. Pour banana puree in the flour and stir

  4. Knock on an egg and continue to stir

  5. Add the right amount of milk according to the thinness of the banana paste.

  6. Stirring the state that can flow and can also be hung on the stirring spoon

  7. Add the right amount of oil to the pan and heat it.

  8. Pour in the banana flour paste, spread flat, simmer until 2 golden


1. This pancake is quite simple whether it is raw material or practice. It is very suitable for office workers who are in a hurry. 2, the amount of 2 bananas is sweet enough, so that the sweetness of 2 cakes is just right, according to personal needs, add more flour, but add some sugar. 3, no pulverizer, you can use the spoon back to press the mud.

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