Recipe: Banana Orange Jam (Fast Method)

Home Cooking Recipe: Banana Orange Jam (Fast Method)



  1. Two bananas are taken from the meat. One orange juice is squeezed. Half a lemon juice. Three to five tablespoons of sugar. All the materials are put together in an acid-resistant enamel pot and boiled in a medium heat. Remove the floating foam. Keep using the spoon. Stir. The whole process can be turned to a thick heat to turn off the heat. The jam will be thicker after cooling. Do not cook too dry. It will take about 20 minutes to make jam. The same method can be used to make any jam you like. Because it is a big fire to cook. Pay attention to the paste pot. The banana does not need to be crushed. It dissolves when cooked. Orange meat can also be added to cook together.

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